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David Mihal

Engineer & Adventurer

Contract Software Engineer

2016 - present
Working independently with tech startups to develop web applications using Node, React & Meteor. Recent projects include development of Ethereum Smart Contracts and other blockchain technologies.

Software Engineer

2015 - 2016
Worked on the civics team to display election result information in Google Search. Focused on the development of frontend infoboxes.

Software Engineering Intern

Developed HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension. Involved with extension frontend and Python App Engine backend.

Rakuten Loyalty
Software Engineering Intern

Developed Node.js web services and integrated with browser extensions.

Constant Contact
Software Engineering Intern

Maintained an enterprise Java web application; assisted with integration & deploy system.

Gas Guzzler

Work in Progress
JSPerf for Etheretum. Web app for comparing gas consumption between snippets of Solidity code.


Javascript polyfill to allow nested subworkers.

Google Docs Quick Create

Simple Chrome Extension for creating new Google Docs. Over 600,000 weekly active users.